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We work with clients from different regions. We look forward to your calls.

Contact phone numbers:

+375(29) 7-12-12-89 (МТС)

+375(0216) 44-08-15 (landline phone)

+375(0216) 26-15-92 (landline phone)

     Skype:  promessa58



The Republic of Belarus, 211391, Orsha, st Mira 10-3

Our representatives:

Minsk Nyamiha Street 3, TC Nemiga, 3rd Floor, Hall 32/3 "Victoria" (wedding, evening models)


Salon Roksolana Smolensk, area Zhelyabova 1 Baikal TC

Minsk, ul.Chaylytko, 22 Wedding Salon in Beauty Center Lilita (wedding model)