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MOST delicately dressed up for the most romantic event in life!

        The joint Belarusian-Italian company Promessa sells clothes for women and taking orders for the creation of these dresses. Produce and wholesale and retail sale of products, we primarily focus on wholesale. Therefore, those who are interested in wholesale purchases of fabulous dresses (evening and wedding dresses, dresses for children) can not doubt the highest quality of our wholesale organization. At the same time our proposals fully meet the characteristics of the world-famous Italian fashion design, characterized by a special glamor and unsurpassed elegance, typical of the best examples of a pan-European fashion. Creating orders takes place in full compliance with European and international standards and norms, as well as with the Italian equipment, material and related technologies. Our craftsmen, performing work on the creation and promotion of women's and children's clothes, have been trained under the supervision of Italian experts. For this reason, we confidently and professionally work with Belarusian and foreign clients.

        Despite concentrating their efforts on wholesale sales, we are very pleased to offer to purchase wonderful products to retail customers, or accept personal order. In this connection, it seems appropriate to specifically refer to retail clients and customers.

        It needs a romantic outfit? You want to become the owner of unsurpassed attire? Or do you need an exclusive outfit? Or maybe you are in the Search for exquisite attire? - Then you have oriented correctly!

        You are trapped in the present Kingdom of fabulous outfits and can make a lot of the most incredible desire in orders and our specialists magic for you these outfits will create!

        Never nobody gray suit constant routine. In life there are many unremarkable everyday. But, thank God, the people in this world are sometimes holidays. And because holidays are not so often, unfortunately, occur, you need to look at these celebrations is not everything, but the most rasprekrasno queen or princess. But what the Queen or Princess without remarkable exquisite virtuosity tailored attire?

        When the dress was created by people who invest in it their heart and soul, it glows from the inside. It certainly is an external manifestation in the image of its owner. You know that people's thoughts tend to materialize? That's why it makes sense to order and purchase orders is the company Promessa. Our masters believe that clothes should have not only external beauty but internal positive energy. And this inner energy in clothes lay skilled hands and bright thoughts creators outfits. Our experts think is stylish and at the same time in a kind way. They may think in unison with the wishes and tastes of their wonderful customers and buyers and are able to create the most filigree outfits for the most romantic event in life!

        Tailor (in the highest sense of the word) thinking of our experts - in part international (since we are in the international business), partly - Belarus, as we work for you, our wonderful Belarusian customers and buyers, in part - the Italian, due to the fact that we use exclusive and modern Italian technology and are of the Belarusian-Italian company. And of course, we are proud of our involvement in the high Italian fashion, because it is common knowledge that Italy - one of the world recognized trendsetter.

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Belarus, Orsha, Mira 10-3
+375 (29) 7-12-12-89 (MTS)

+375 (216) 26-15-92 (landline)

+375 (216) 08.15.44 (stationary)


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